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Highlights of a VERY successful and fun 2016 season!

Black Pearl Freisians had a VERY successful show and exhibition season.   Jelle v.d. Heikant, Ster gelding, and Tiffany participated in the great Midwest Horse Fair to kick off our season promoting the Freisian breed and demonstrating the beauty and versatility of the Friesian horse.  Next Jelle proudly performed at the Rolex 3 day event in Lexington Kentucky with the FHANA group.  Our goal at every exhibition we participate in is to educate people on the Friesian breed and it’s versatility and kind temperment.

Jelle rolex

Jelle and Tiffany at Rolex Kentucky

Jelle red mwhf

Tiffany and Jelle at the Midwest Horse Fair

Jelle red

Tiffany and Jelle at the Midwest Horse Fair

Jelle and Tiffany at Rolex Kentucky performing in and FHANA exhibition.

Jelle and Tiffany at Rolex Kentucky performing in and FHANA exhibition.

Along with Jelle, we competed in IFSHA shows with Rixt fan Teaksyl (Crown Mare) and Jildou fan e Boppelannen (Model/Sport Mare), in 3 different regions, Wisconsin, Ohio and New York!  We won multiple Regional Championships.  Jelle was honored with 2 Horse of the Year Awards as well.  Jelle and Jildou competed at 3rd level dressage and both took multiple 1st place and regional championships awards. Alexis also competed with Jelle in the Leadline class.


Jildou and Tiffany in New York winning champion in Dressage Hack.

Jildou and Jelle at the Midwest Regional Show Jildou Jildou before the in hand class

Jelle in Kentucky Jelle and Tiffany Jelle and Tiffany with Championship prizes from the Regional Show in Ohio Jelle Jelle Jelle and Tiffany Jelle and Tiffany Jelle and Tiffany waiting for the costume class Alexis practicing at home with Jelle Tiffany, Jelle and Alexis after winning that blue ribbon


Jildou (Model/Sport Mare) and Tiffany.

Jildou (Model/Sport Mare) and Tiffany.

Tiffany and Jildou in New York at the Regional show


And to top the year off we took Jildou and Rixt to the IFSHA World Show and the FHANA Central Mare show!  Jildou and Rixt won multiple World Champion titles.  Also they won 2nd and 4th place respectably in the Central Mare Show.

2014 Animal Mania – Lockwood Park

Jelle and I go to the opening of the children’s farm every year.  This year once again, we were there and what a great time it was!

Pictures to come soon!!!

2009 Northern Illinois Horse Fest

Jelle v.d. Heikant owned and ridden by Tiffany Reyenga and Niek P. owned and ridden by Charla Salathe performed at the Northern Illinois Horse Fest this year. What fun we had!  The boys enjoyed showing off and loved all the attention.  We took the opportunity to educate people about the purebred Friesian horses and FPS and FHANA.


2009 Dressage Shows

After a year off for Jelle and I due to the birth of my own baby in late 2008, we went out showing 1st level this spring.  Jelle performed fabulously at every show.  It felt good to be in the saddle again after such a long time off and Jelle was glad to be back to work too.

2008 Keuring

2008 Keuring was another fun and successful day with our 3 year old mare Quora.




Wolfgang May Clinics

We are happy to host Wolfgang May clinics throughout the year – he is a fabulous Dressage instructor and we always enjoy when he comes around.


2007 Keuring

The 2007 Keuring was a very exciting day for us.  Jelle is now a Ster gelding and was also the Grand Champion gelding.  Wybrant is now a 1st premium colt and was also the Grand Champion colt.  Some of the kuering pictures on this website were taken by Cally Matherly.

Midwest Horse Fair

The Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association performed at the Midwest Horse Fair in April 2007, Jelle was there along with 10 other Friesians to promote our Friesian breed.