Thorben 466 Sport Elite

About Thorben 466 Sport Elite

(Ielke 382 x Sape 381 Sport)

KFPS Approved Breeding Stallion

Thorben 466 Sport Elite has achieved the Sport predicate in 3 disciplines, dressage, show driving and driven dressage, easily earning Sport Elite. He passes on his sportablilty to his offspring along with his excellent walk and jet black coat. He produces very low inbreeding with most mares in the US. 

Some facts about Thorben 466 Sport Elite if you are considering him for your mare:

  • He is NOT a carrier for dwarfism, waterhead and the red-gene
  • He is EVA Negative
  • He already has 5 crown daughters
  • His first 10 sons judged all made ster and so far he has produced 40 ster stallions.
  • He had the best scores of all the stallion that got approved in 2011
  • He was the winner if the Silver Bowl Trophy in 2015

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Breeding Contract and Blood Type

Thorben Blood Type Resutls (pdf)