Jildou fan e Boppelannen - Model Sport Elite Mare


Fabe 348 x Jillis 301

Jildou is currently competing at FEI levels in dressage. 

Gerke J. - Ster Sport Elite Stallion


Michiel 442 x Monte 378

Gerke is the newest horse to the farm and he will be competing at FEI level dressage for the 2019 season also.

Jelle v.d. Heikant - Ster Gelding


Folkert 353 x Wicher 334

Jelle has been with me the longest and was the first Friesian that I competed in Dressage with - we competed through 4th level.  He now is in semi retirement and loves to do demos and exhibitions more than anything.  

Rixt fan Teaksyl - Crown Mare


Andries 415 x Tjimme 275

Rixt is a wonderful driving horse and loves to pull the carriage.  She is also an excellent mother and produces high quality offspring that routinely do well at inspections.